Johnson Kao
President at Standard Fiber (China), Shanghai

I got so much out of this training I don't even know where to start. Let me highlight three things:

First , I’m so new to coaching that it has always been something so new and hard for me. Now the training has demystified the whole thing. I now know there is a process and steps to follow. This training has given us so many tools that we can use in different situations. Very powerful indeed. 

Second, I have experienced coaching and that’s life changing. Now when I learn how to coach and use the tools, I see the impact in coaching even just for 10 minutes. If I continue to coach people on a consistent basis, imagine how many people I can impact and touch. 

Third, this really gives burned-out senior executives, like me, a new and clear roadmap on how to move forward and what to do. Now I have a new purpose. I can use the tools and skills and my experience to help people inside the company, and friends outside.