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Center for Executive Coaching

The Center for Executive Coaching is the leading coaching training & certification company for professionals seeking success as coaches to leaders, executives, managers, and up-and-coming talent — especially in dynamic and complex organizations. We have trained over 2,000 coaches in 32 countries, and now give our members license to use our complete toolkit of two dozen, best practice coaching frameworks.

Most coach training programs are not equipped to teach the realities of the market and how to develop solutions that get practical, measurable results for clients. The Center for Executive Coaching is the exception. We are fully accredited with the International Coach Federation as an ACTP, and we also provide training for those who want the Board Certified Coach certification.

Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich

Andrew Neitlich personally leads each and every live teleclass and webinar and the recordings are available for members to review for life. After graduating with distinction from Harvard Business School in 1991 (with stints on Wall Street, real estate, and work with micro-businesses in Kenya before then), Andrew led multi-million dollar consulting engagements for an international consulting firm. He also rotated as the firm’s Director of Training and Professional Development, responsible for the training and development of 3,200 professionals.

First Faculty Member to Bring CEC Training to Asia Pacific Countries with Dedication and Excellence

Master Coach Trainer Dr. Carmen Tsui, MCC

Dr. Carmen has been in the people developing business for nearly 30 years as a trainer, organizational leader and adjunct professor. She received her first coaching credential about 15 years ago and has since been coaching professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and also those at the crossroads. She has helped people gain clarity, tap into their own resources and be in touch with the wisdom within.

An ICF-credentialed Master Certified Coach (MCC), Carmen has a track record of effectively delivering proven results to top-tier clients worldwide. She specializes in behavior and perceptual coaching, leadership dashboard, inner game of the leader, strategic planning and creating a high-performance culture.

Growing up in Hong Kong while spending most of her adult life in the U.S., Carmen is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Her diverse background in Psychology, Communication, Adult Education, Organizational Leadership and being personally trained by world-class coaches from U.S., U.K. and Australia give her the solid foundation and excellent skills to becoming an effective coach and trainer herself.

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The vision of CEC APAC is to bring world-class executive coach training to Asia Pacific and train executive coaches who in turn can bring the best out of top leaders, managers and executives in various industries.

Our mission is to create a space for like-minded professionals for mutual support and encouragement and also provide training for people to pursue a career that is rewarding, flexible with unlimited potential.

Integrity is our trademark. Respect is our guiding principle. Our training and resources are timely, relevant and practical.

Unlike others in our field, once you become a member, your membership never expires, there will be ongoing support, events, learning opportunities, and a genuine community that is built and felt among members.

Terry Pan

Brand Strategist, Creative Director, LinkedIn China Top Voice in Marketing, Shanghai/Hong Kong

If you initially have little idea about what coaching is like me, you are in safe hands with the Center for Executive Coaching and Dr. Carmen. You will be studying with a world-renowned coaching school and joining a friendly community of driven, decent professionals with impressive achievements in their fields. Dr. Carmen is an expert master trainer who fosters collaborative, practical and enriching learning experiences so that you can start your learning journey comfortably and soon become more confident and well-equipped. If you are looking for real quality and are determined to create significant values in the real world by coaching, then you are in the right place.

Meet Terry

Katheryn Gronauer

Executive Coach for Global Professionals, ACC, Tokyo, Japan

I already had a wellness coaching certification before I joined CEC and was struggling to find a leadership-oriented program that would go beyond a repeat of general coaching techniques. I was looking for a program that would reverse engineer the common challenges that leaders face and help coaches build out effective coaching styles to help leaders move forward, and CEC stood out from other programs by a mile. Although I joined for the content - which exceeded my expectations - a benefit I wasn't expecting was the relationships I built with other CEC members through the breakout room sessions during live sessions, the 3-day seminar, and peer-to-peer coaching. Each participant has an impressive resume even before becoming an Executive Coach so it was a treat and great learning opportunity to be able to practice coaching with bright individuals who model the kinds of clients I aim to work with in the future. I also enjoyed the support, guidance, and advice that Carmen Tsui provided throughout the 3-day seminar and mentor coaching sessions. Her support accelerated my learning and I feel more thoughtful and confident as a coach thanks to her feedback. She's also inspired me to continue learning and although I've been a coach for some time now, I feel motivated to continue to grow.

Meet Katheryn

Catherina Chang

Founder/MD, Executive Coaching & Business Transformation Consulting, Taiwan (Former General Manager, Fortune 100 Global Company)

Center for Executive Coaching (CEC) is exceptional and world-class – the faculty members, professional coaches/members, training programs, materials, webinars, and members' interactions. After surveying to find the best executive coaching program, I signed up with CEC in May 2022 and enjoyed it tremendously. Up to now, I have not yet seen another executive coaching program as robust, high-quality, and progressive as CEC. The 3-day intensive seminar instructed and facilitated by Dr. Carmen Tsui was empowering, inspiring, and enriching. The impacts and results we had from the 3-days/18 hours seminar were life-changing. Dr. Carmen's presence, style, and approach throughout the 3-day seminar created a safe learning environment to impart knowledge, evoke awareness, facilitate forward-based thinking & action, and unleash our potential. Dr. Carmen is a living example of walking the talk of CEC Vision. I am honored to have Dr. Carmen as my mentor coach. In addition, I appreciate the diverse groups of fellow CEC coach members who are supportive and helpful resources. The investment I made in CEC is beyond measure!

Meet Catherina

Domingo Mendieta

Executive General Manager migrating into coaching, Hong Kong

The 3 days intensive seminar (I should say super-intensive) with Dr. Carmen Tsui really was beyond my most optimistic expectations. I signed up last minute, a day before, just by chance because the course I was actually aiming for with a different coaching institute did not really fit well into my upcoming schedule, so after a quick phone call with Dr. Carmen Tsui I joined the seminar and already can enjoy the extremely useful CEC member area. Firstly I have to note that the diversity (in terms of origin, professional background and coaching experience) of the participants in the seminar was exceptional, thus providing all participants with a unique experience and take aways . And then there is Dr. Carmen Tsui and the CEC training approach: I never learned and experienced so much in such a short time. I am looking forward to develop my coaching career with Dr. Carmen Tsui and CECand after just 3 days I know I have joined the right program for me!

Meet Domingo

Maggie Lee

Certified Executive Coach, Author, Speaker, Hong Kong

I had the honor to be Dr. Carmen’s mentee for a year and she is my mentor coach for executive coaching and all my coaching certifications. This women is phenomenal, and it is addictive to hear her speak. Since I met her, I went from being an overwhelmed mom, to become an published author of my dream book, I am now a full time high demand coach. She is fun, gentle, and profound, she will bring out the best in you, because she did for me.

meet maggie

Yuan Han

Change Management Lead, Shanghai

Serendipity kept happening after I met Dr. Carmen, my personal coach. Her gentle and wise spirit encourages and supports me to go through transformative changes in my life – return me to myself as an expert in my own life. Now I want to be a coach myself to continue this infinite game – contribute to the success of other people. Engaging at this 3-day executive coaching program was my first investment. Through this world-class course, I have tasted the beauty of coaching presence/mindset and learned a solid coaching process as well as a lot of practical tools. It helps me to serve my clients far better with joy and confidence. Thank you Dr. Carmen for providing these high quality resources and building up a loving coaching community of like-minded people!

Meet Yuan

Dag Chyou

Business Improvement Leader, Taiwan

This has been an eye-opening training and workshop. I appreciate Dr. Carmen’s teaching in the past three days and I am also happy to make a few new friends with a common interest. I know I have made the right choice and this is a life-long decision. I am confident that with the learning today, I will make a lot of difference moving forward.

meet dag

Lisa Qian

PCC, Certified Executive Coach, Certified Master Career Consultant, Shanghai

I have been fortunate to have Dr. Carmen as my coach and friend over the past 2 years. Carmen has helped me change my life in ways I never dreamed possible. She helped me identify my goals and encouraged me to go after my dreams. Her coaching has indeed been one of the most transformative milestones of my life. Carmen has been a blessing in my life which has had such a positive impact on me. I will forever be thankful for her role in helping me change my life.

meet lisa

Claudia Carmen Anton

Entrepreneur, Brisbane, Australia

As an entrepreneur, I have always understood the benefits of having a mentor and a coach. Along my business' journey, I had the privilege and honour to be mentored and coached by the greats of this world: Dr Peter Daniels, Mr Graham Daniels, John Demartini, Tony Robbins, and the rigorous QUT Executive MBA and Leadership training, consequently I sought a highly targeted and the industry-best to help me further in my entrepreneurship journey. Standing in a league of its own, the Centre for Executive Coaching, offers world-class training in personal development, personal and business transformations. I would be amiss without further emphasising the high caliber and quality training Dr Carmen offers. With a strong attention to details and the needs of each involved in the training and in a very safe and supportive environment, Dr Carmen, is the epitome of invoking awareness. In her presence and under her leadership it is impossible not to shine and thrive, as she prepares the space for transforming from the inside out. I am so grateful for having had the courage and tenacity to step into the rigorous but highly rewarding learning provided by the Centre for Executive Coaching, and am truly honoured for the opportunity to complete the Executive coaching training. Should you find yourself at the crossroads and unsure of the direction to take, my sincere urge is "Do not hesitate" - I wholeheartedly recommend the training as I am convinced it will help you, as it helped me to regain my true north.

meet claudia

Prasanna Annamalai

Director Of Engineering, India

Thanks to Dr. Carmen for making this a very lovely and practical training. She always came prepared and has been engaging throughout our time together, holding us accountable and giving us relevant assignments. I also made some very good friends along the way. This is a lifelong commitment to invest in ourselves and also to benefit others through coaching.

meet prasanna

Sally Zhang

Positioning and Transformation Coach, Shanghai

Carmen is a very professional and experienced coach I ever met. Coached by her have had an incredibly positive impact on my life. She's like a problem-solving expert, not only helped me how to face the current problems, but also show me more possibilities and guide me to solve the core problems. Carmen's coach program is the best investment I have made in my life to date.

meet sally

Lina Li

HR Manager, Beijing

Dr. Carmen is a top coach I ever know! It is such a blessing to study the Executive coach and ACTP program from her! She helped me transitioned into a brighter second half!

meet lina

Johnson Kao

President at Standard Fiber (China), Shanghai

I got so much out of this training I don't even know where to start. Let me highlight three things: First , I’m so new to coaching that it has always been something so new and hard for me. Now the training has demystified the whole thing. I now know there is a process and steps to follow. This training has given us so many tools that we can use in different situations. Very powerful indeed. Second, I have experienced coaching and that’s life changing. Now when I learn how to coach and use the tools, I see the impact in coaching even just for 10 minutes. If I continue to coach people on a consistent basis, imagine how many people I can impact and touch. Third, this really gives burned-out senior executives, like me, a new and clear roadmap on how to move forward and what to do. Now I have a new purpose. I can use the tools and skills and my experience to help people inside the company, and friends outside.

meet johnson

Joyce Yang

Executive Coach, Singapore

Thank you Dr.Carmen for host this training. I am now more convinced than ever that coaching is impactful. I have experienced first hand that the more we do coaching, the more energy we will gain. When we are energetic, our clients will be energetic as well. Another thing I really enjoy is the diversity that we have among our group. We have different backgrounds. We come from different countries. But it seems like we have known each other for quite a long time. It has been an amazing 3 days. The member area is a treasure chest. I will keep on digging from it.

meet joyce

Stella Tung

Life Coach, Shanghai

Completing the ACTP program is like a self-discovering and awakening journey. Under the guidance of Dr. Carmen, and with a group of highly motivated peers, we together set on to a life time of change that was beyond our initial imagination. The impact of the learning comes gradually, and is slowly deepened into my knowing and consciousness. I recall that in my first day of coaching class, I was inspired by the quotation of Michelangelo, “I saw the angel in the marble, and I carved until I set him free.” Now I can say that I am awed by the magnificent influence that one can bring through coaching to their clients - seeing the angel in every individual we coach and help to set him free.

meet Stella

David Leung

Manager - Enforcement / Fintech unit at Securities and Futures, Hong Kong

Dr Carmen has been my role model since I embark on my coaching journey. I am fortunate to have joined her Certified Executive Coach program which is practical and resourceful. Her teaching, insight and wisdom have always inspired me to do better, and live better. I recommend her to anyone who wants to learn coaching, or become a better coach!

meet david

Rilly Law

Corporate Relation, Hong Kong

Attending the 3-day seminar is like having a buffet that starts with the appetizer and continues all the way to the end with desserts to allow us to experience its fullness. It makes me feel full and satisfied beyond my (brain & mind) stomach. Thanks to Dr. Carmen’s professionalism and knowledge that I not only learn about the framework of “coaching” but also experience the coaching process by practicing with one another. Her enthusiasm, supportive and encouraging presence enabled me to enjoy every single step of what coaching is. Throughout the seminar, I experienced coaching that helps people to unlock their potential, discover resources to achieve their goal and see the best of themselves. Meanwhile, it helps me to grow and develop myself too and that is the beauty of coaching!

meet rilly

Joy Hsu

Consultant, Shanghai

Coaching is amazing! I have fallen in love with coaching. I don’t want to be a consultant anymore, I want to be a coach from now on.

meet Joy

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