Nyen Khing Lo
Coach, Advisor, Trainer, Speaker, Board Member, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I chose Center for Executive Coaching (CEC) after months of researching 8 providers including participating in a few free demos and after an introductory call with Dr. Carmen Tsui. And I am confident I have made the right choice ...

... given CEC’s structured coaching  processes with emphasis on taking the client forward, the vast variety of toolkits for a lot of coaching situations as a reference, a section dedicated to skills to attract clients including lessons on how to create online programs, up to 5 streams of webinars conducted by seasoned coaches with very diversified participants from all kind of industry across the world who are unselfishly sharing their expert knowledge, endless recorded videos we have access to, etc.

I am also very lucky to have Dr. Carmen Tsui, a Master Certified Coach (MCC) as my mentor coach. I really enjoyed the seminar conducted by Dr. Carmen for a few reasons:

(1) The diversified participants Dr. Carmen was able to put together – from those very new to coaching like me to even PCC level coaches. And participants are also from very diverse industry backgrounds

(2) Dr. Carmen’s encouraging/supportive style and patience made it a very safe space for participants

(3) Dr. Carmen’s genuine care for the success of her participants

(4) As an MCC, Dr. Carmen unselfishly demonstrated a variety of techniques during the seminar and I particularly appreciate her ability to pick up seemingly unimportant nuisances and hints from the client (for the untrained eyes and ear like mine) to help the client move forward, etc.

I really wish I had attended this training earlier in my career. I highly recommend this training to leaders who really want to make a difference.