Katheryn Gronauer
Executive Coach for Global Professionals, ACC, Tokyo, Japan

I already had a wellness coaching certification before I joined CEC and was struggling to find a leadership-oriented program that would go beyond a repeat of general coaching techniques. I was looking for a program that would reverse engineer the common challenges that leaders face and help coaches build out effective coaching styles to help leaders move forward, and CEC stood out from other programs by a mile.

Although I joined for the content - which exceeded my expectations - a benefit I wasn't expecting was the relationships I built with other CEC members through the breakout room sessions during live sessions, the 3-day seminar, and peer-to-peer coaching. Each participant has an impressive resume even before becoming an Executive Coach so it was a treat and great learning opportunity to be able to practice coaching with bright individuals who model the kinds of clients I aim to work with in the future. 

I also enjoyed the support, guidance, and advice that Carmen Tsui provided throughout the 3-day seminar and mentor coaching sessions. Her support accelerated my learning and I feel more thoughtful and confident as a coach thanks to her feedback. She's also inspired me to continue learning and although I've been a coach for some time now, I feel motivated to continue to grow.